How I have started to sell my original fine art paintings on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

This is my first time attempting to sell online at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through the internet. I began by reading an article online stating that you could start selling your products on Pinterest. I have been very interested in selling my products in that platform and I had set up a business account so that I could do this. I had originally set up an individual account in Pinterest which I converted to a business account with the sole purpose of selling my original fine art paintings in the future. I am very excited about the possibility of selling my original fine art paintings in Facebook and Twitter. I have a Facebook account at facebook/rossana.kelton and have been looking forward to showing my latest fine art creations on Facebook. This was originally an individual account which I converted to a business account. I am excited at the possibility of finally selling my products through the Facebook channel. I am also looking forward to selling on Twitter. I have a Twitter account, and I am looking forward to showcasing my fine art creations on Twitter for sale. I realize that it will take more than just placing a tweet with the Shopify information to sell on this platform. I think that socializing and meeting new artists and customers will also help. My main goal is to sell all my original fine art paintings so that I can begin to work on abstract landscaping and working in Plein air like the original impressionists worked. These are my news as of July 13, 2016. I will continue to post as I continue to add more products to my new

Shopify store:

I have to say that I have been trying to sell on Etsy for the past ten years and I have not had any luck selling my original fine art paintings there. I have worked on improving my site, performing new research to view other more successful sites and I have not had the same success. I finally removed my site from Etsy but I am considering starting a site again. I just feel that I have not been able to get as many sales as Ebay, for example. The only problems with Ebay is that after they changed their policies multiple times I made a decision not to sell my art there. I was not very comfortable with their new policy of sending the items to the customer right away. I have been burned in Ebay before with customers that sent payments that were fake (do not accept checks on Ebay any more, only Paypal). All I have to state is that I hope that everything goes well and that this new venture with Shopify is successful. If any one wants to comment, I am open for suggestions.

Rossana Kelton, Artist

Encaustic painting nightmares


I started painting with an art style that has been around for many years but it is returning back as a new style. Encaustic painting is a style of painting that utilizes a wax-based paint composed of beeswax, resin and pigment. It has been around since ancient times but lately it is popular again. As I started working with this new painting style, I always check the safety of the material which I am working with. I discovered that the hot wax has to be maintained hot with a grill or heated palette. This led to a problem with ventilation. I noticed that ventilation was an issue because I could not work with this material without the necessary ventilation. This has led to very little work because without adequate ventilation this technique will not work.

First, you don’t want to be exposed to fumes that can be dangerous. I proceeded to check the MSDS for some of the materials I was using. I have been trying to solve this problem because I was looking for a fan that could be installed in a window to provide air flow. I also investigated the possibility of using a tabletop hood to provide ventilation. I was looking at the pricing of different types of tabletop hoods that have carbon filtration. I am still in the process of working this problem out.   A second very important issue of this technique is working with heat. Heat can be dangerous because of skin burns, fires, etc. A suggestion is to work with a fire extinguisher in the area.  This is a safety concern because I have a heat gun and a flame torch that can be used to heat the wax to attach it to the bottom layers.

I will continue to post my experiences with the encaustic painting technique.

Rossana Kelton invited through Cafe Management to the “Cosmic Connection” exhibit in the 2014 Art Basel Miami Beach, FL

Rossana Kelton

Kelton Contemporary Fine Art

Artist Biography

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Rossana has been working in oil, airbrushing and acrylic paintings for over 35 years. After taking a few classes in art, she went to work in the New York area. She has received various awards in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is an artist of innovation. She is exhibiting at “Cosmic Connections” at the 2014 Art Basel Miami Beach, Florida invited through Café Management. She is currently the “Feature Artist” in the Roswell Fine Art Alliance at for October and November, 2014. She received an honorable mention in the Great Gulf Coast Shrimp Festival in April, 2011. She also received Special Recognition awards for the 2014 Botanicals Art Exhibition and the 2013 Botanicals Art Exhibition. She is an artist because it is something yearning to be shared with from her soul.  Art brings the fragmentation of thoughts and feeling together.  It is about when a complete stranger connect with something she has created. That feeling never gets old. She uses various innovative materials to create artistic paintings that are of unique commercial artistic quality. Her passion for learning and experimenting with a multitude of alternative materials and techniques, led to her Contemporary Fine Art creations. Currently, she is working in the area of 3dimensional printing. Rossana is an artist of innovation.

Rossana’s primary focus has been on innovative materials, floral and marine traditional art with their simplicities and complexities.   Her eye for color, light, value and balance enable her to create innovative images of ordinary objects. She uses the traditional techniques of the masters to accomplish her vision. Rossana is very passionate about educating this generation about the traditional oil painting techniques used by the master to achieve harmony in tones and balance between light and dark. Rossana uses traditional glazing techniques and multiple layers to achieve photorealism.

Rossana’s paintings have been in many internet galleries and shows. She is currently on Etsy in and in Imagekind at, Pinterest     at , Fine Art America Store at and, Rossana Kelton at “Artist Rising” at: http:// galleries/ sailingoilpaintings, Myspace at http:// /rossanakelton, Facebook at https: //, Maritime Artist on Facebook: :!/pages/Maritime-Artists-Promote-your-own-events/110585212309955 and Twitter at She also participates on Living Art at and on Goggle at

Rossana has exhibited at the Jackson Acura dealership Member show for the Roswell Fine Art League. She also exhibited at the Art and Jazz Night at the Rivermont Subdivision, Johns Creek, Georgia, 2012 and at ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI on September 22, 2010. She has also exhibited at the SmithTownship Arts Council, Arte Latino II from August 14 to September 24, 2010. She participated and exhibited at The Canvas Project: Volume 3, A Visual Encyclopedia  by on December, 2010. She also participated in A Singular Creation, Water at the 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY on 2010.  She participated in the poster contest of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in Destin FL on 2006 and received an award at the poster contest for the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival on 2005.

Rossana has written a book “Art That Sells” available at, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble NOOK, Apple iBookstore and Kobo and Everything Else Kobo.  She has published articles on the Yahoo Contributor Network “Twitter your Art on Twitter”, October 19, 2009. She also has an active Blog in WordPress at She is a member of the Roswell Fine Art League and has been a Self-Representing Artist since 2007. She is also a member of the American Society of Oil Painters since 2011. She was a member of the American Association of Marine Artists, Arts Council of Northwest Florida, Bay Rivers Art Guild, and Eastern Shore Art Center, Florida Keys Council for the Arts, the International Student Associations at Seton Hall University, and the South Florida Artist Association.  Rossana resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Patrick and children Patricia, Katy, Joseph and Julia.

Christmas Sales

Now is the time to prepare for the Christmas sales.

1. First edit your online site to establish your new marketing ideas including branching into new areas

2. Market your online site and edit your online store with new coupons, etc.

3. Add new products to your online stores

4. Branch into new marketing areas.

I welcome new ideas for the Christmas shopping season. I am currently working in the area of jewelry. I plan to post more about new jewelry ideas.

Rossana Kelton

New venues to sell your art

I will like to try this experiment in which I like everything Facebook has to give me to like within a 48 hour period. I was very surprised that someone has tried this. I also added some of my artwork for sale at a site called My posts can be seen at:

I learned that if I format my images, I can add images to different products such as pillows, t-shirts, clocks, iPad skins, iPad and laptop skins, tote bags and mugs. There are many different opportunities for an artist that is interested in selling their images in various products. I have not sold anything yet but I am looking forward to selling more in the future.

I also was looking at the idea of creating an ebook of my images to create an electronic marketing tool.  I was able to download the software for the sites. The best sites to create a photo ebook are Mixbook, Shutterfly, MyCanvas, Picaboo, Kolo, Snapfish, Presto Photo, SmileBooks, My Publisher, and Lulu.  I was looking for a site that was free. I know is free. I was looking for a site that specialized in photo ebooks. It is a good idea to market your products by publishing a photo ebook but the issue of cost becomes important. Some of these sites wanted to charge me to publish a photo ebook because it was a package deal to publish an actual softcover photo book and a photo ebook. All I want is to publish a photo ebook but I am not interested in publishing an actual softcover book.  I am open to suggestions?

Writing an artist statement

The following are some suggestions on the writing of an artist statements:

Questions that can be answered in the Artist Statement:

  • Why do you create art and what does it mean to you?
  • How does the creation of art make you feel? What emotions do you wish to convey?
  • If the statement refers to a specific piece, why did you choose to represent this piece in this way? What do you call the piece and why? What materials did you use? What are the dimensions of the piece?
  • What inspires you? How are your inspirations expressed in your work?
  • What message are you trying to convey to the viewer?
  • How much time is spent creating your pieces?
  • How is your work a reflection of you?
  • What artists (living or dead) have influenced you?
  • What is your vision/philosophy?
  • What are your goals for the future?
  • What are your techniques and style and how do these relate to the medium?
  • How do your techniques and style relate to your vision/philosophy?




Wootherspoon, M. How to write an Artist Statement. (Retrieved from on June 7, 2014.

Free Online Training sites for Artists

It is important that, as an artist, that you learn the basics of artistic techniques. I am recommending going online and finding free online training. One of the websites I found to get some artistic technique training includes:


Open Art and Art History Courses: :

Art Appreciation:

Art History:


These are a few free online training websites. Please feel free to add more sites that have worked for you.